What we do

We offer standard and bespoke programmes that provide a choice of day and residential cruises for older people and for people with a physical disability, a learning disability, or a mental health condition. Click here for our leaflet.

We also run education and learning programmes for children and young people. Our schools programme is based on the National Curriculum and our learning activities are bespoke.  Click here for our leaflet.

Another important aspect of our work is raising funds to subsidise our work so that our cruises are affordable to our clients. This includes a Friends programme for individuals and corporates and running a number of fund-earning cruises and events.  In addition we encourage corporate  sponsorship, local group and community fundraising,  charity of the year and personal sponsorship challenges. These help us build links with and involve our local community.

Finally, we recruit and train volunteers for a variety of roles. We could not function without our volunteers – who in turn benefit from this particularly stimulating and rewarding work.

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