Volunteers 2017-18

Our thanks go to our many volunteers during the year who make our work possible. Volunteers perform a wide range of roles in our charity: boat crewing, teaching, maintenance, event organisation and manning, catering, administrative and IT support, communications and, finally, running the Friends of the River Thames Boat Project. That the charity functions over such a wide spectrum of activity is due to the many wonderful people who give their time so generously each year.

Barry Adams
Paul Barry
David Bell
David Bentley
Jemma Box
Paul Bywaters
Jonathan Chapman
Ian Chappell
Penny Cowell
Bob Darke
Giles Dimock
Carole Edmunds
Ken Edwards
Duncan Faircloth
Peter Finch
Jacqui Frye
John Frye
Peter Gallon
Julian Galpin
Luke Gannon
David Garcia
Ivor Gibson
Ken Glover
Sue Graham-Kahn
Wolfgang Gorth
Peter Hann
Sarah Herrick
Jim Jewell
Jane Jewell
John Jones
Terry Kemp
June King
Peter Kitchen
Keith Knox
Felicity Low
Peter Low
John Maguire
Rob Martin
Mike Mason
Eric McMaster
Julian Meers
George Mellett
Mike Mendelson
Clive Mitchell
David Munro
Jane Newman
Kate Oatham
Tim Parish
Hilary Pereira
Roy Poole
Gillian Rix
Richard Robinson
Elaine Russell
Katherine Shelest
Louise Sibley
Jill Sinclair
Anthony Steadman
Warren Stein
Anna Stokoe
Gill Swain
Linda Taylor
Martin Taylor
Martha Tressler
Byron Turner
Linda Turner
Selena Vane
Linda Varney
Mark Welch
Anthea Wilkinson
Barbara Williams
Nigel Williams
Sally Woodward

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