School on the River


Thames Venturer is moored at Teddington Lock and becomes your ‘floating classroom’ for the day. The boat can accommodate one class per day, or up to 35 children, who will come with sufficient adults to support them all.

The day begins around 9.45 with all children boarding the boat and having a safety briefing before learning a little of the history of the boat: it’s over 100 years old!

Then the class splits into two, and one group starts the morning exploring the foreshore for evidence of historical river occupation and human use as well as evidence of animal life. They also see the lock at work and witness the managements of tides and even possible floods! The other group stay on board and use hands-on scientific equipment to determine water quality and ph. They move on to run an experiment on the rocks and soils of the river Thames and learn about its geology.

After a packed lunch on board, the groups swap. Waste from the children’s packed lunches is weighed and compared with other similar groups.

School on the River can run from Teddington Lock or, in slightly modified form, from Hermitage moorings near Tower bridge. Download a booking form here and get directions to Teddington Lock here


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