Eco Venturers

dsc_6373Full-day workshops focusing on Sustainability for KS1 or 2, or youth groups.

Is your school an Eco-School, or do you aspire to be? Bring a whole class or an eco-group to learn about human impacts on the natural environment, see sustainable technology in action and learn about the real value of water to us as humans. Eco Venturers takes place in West London at Teddington or Kingston, and in East London at Wapping. 

Throughout the day the children will use and refine the following skills: 

  • Futures thinking 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Collaborative working 
  • Working and thinking scientifically 

West London
Thames Venturer is moored as a ‘floating classroom’ at Kingston, or Teddington.  

KS1 at Teddington: Children complete a litter-pick and record what kinds of litter are collected, before discussing the impact of litter on wildlife. Waste from packed lunches is weighed to assess its environmental impact. Children also work in small teams to make boats out of recycled material and test if they float! 

KS2 at Kingston riverside: Children learn about global energy, tour Thames Venturer to conduct an eco-audit of the boat, before using the inspiration of the boat’s features to design eco-boats! Physical, and interactive games are used to teach about water use and conservation.  

East London
The day will start in the pier house at Hermitage Community Moorings, where pupils are briefed on water safety. The group will then be split into 2 groups for the activities. 

One group is based in the pier house, exploring the concepts of ‘sustainable’ and climate change. The children will see sustainable technology in use on the boats moored at the piers and then design innovative eco-friendly boats. 

The second group explores the demands on the global water supply and considers ways to conserve water, before completing a relay race to re-enact the long distances many people travel to collect drinking water. 

Groups eat their packed lunch inside the pier house and the waste is weighed to assess how eco-friendly lunch was. Groups switch activities in the afternoon and finish the day by pledging to act in a more eco-friendly way. 

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