Eco-Venturers at Kingston or Teddington

dsc_6373Day-long workshops on Sustainability for KS1 or 2, or youth groups.

Is your school an Eco-School, or do you aspire to be? Bring a whole class or an eco-group on board to learn about litter, its impact on river wildlife, see sustainable technology in action on Thames Venturer and learn about the real value of water to us as humans.

Thames Venturer will welcome you aboard moored as a ‘floating classroom’ at Kingston, or Teddington. You’ll be taught by a team of our trained volunteer River Educators, who’ll show you around the boat, keep you safe and make sure you enjoy your day as well as learning effectively. If you’re interested in Eco-Venturers at Hermitage Community Moorings, please go to their website to see more details, including how to book

KS1: You’ll do a litter-pick and record what kinds of litter you’re collecting, before classifying it and discussing its impact on wildlife. You’ll weigh your waste from your packed lunches to see how you compare with other schools. You’ll make an eco-boat out of recycled material and see if it floats!

KS2 You’ll become boat detectives and conduct an eco-audit of the boat, before using the inspiration of both the boat itself and its environmentally-friendly features  to design your own eco-boat, and you’ll experiment with generating sustainable energy on your own! You’ll also play physical and interactive games to learn about global energy and water use. Did you know that we can survive on 5 litres of water a day, while in Britain we use on average 150 litres each every day!

On booking, you will be sent our free Eco Venturers Education Pack to help you prepare for your visit and extend your pupils’ learning. The day costs £285 including all materials, for one class. Please download a booking form here

For any more information, or for booking, please contact Pippa or Kate on 02089403509, or on, or on

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