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Sugar Cube Supper Club on board Thames Venturer

The next dates for the new Sugar Cube Supper Club on board Thames Venturer in Kingston are 11th February, 11th March and 8th April 2017.

Supper Club Menu example:

Welcome cocktail and delicious canapés
Vibrant beet and lime risotto with salad leaves
Salmon poached in fragrant rosemary infused champagne with cherry tomatoes and basil, served with crushed new potatoes
Duo of white chocolate mousse and lemon posset with fruit garnish and home made biscuits
£35 Bring your own wine
16 places book here…/

If you enjoy the Sugar Cube Supper Club, or would like to enjoy more exciting river events, please do become a Friend of the River Thames Boat Project. Support a really worthwhile charity operating from Kingston caring for vulnerable, frail, elderly, disabled, cancer, ex-servicemen and other specialist support groups and providing School on the River educational programmes.  Joining forms for the Friends are on board Thames Venturer and full details are on our website.

Support Mike’s Fundraising

Crew member, Mike Mendelson is going to run the Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon for us on Sunday 19th February 2017.  Thank you MIKE.

He was just going to raise a couple of hundred pounds. However, we have set him a huge target of £5,000 !!  

With the new boat coming into action, fundraising is as crucial as ever.   Whatever you can afford to sponsor him and support us, will spur him on to the end!  Sponsor Here

Mike is multi-talented, he is part of the Educational Crew Team. Also recently spotted at Christmas dressed as Santa, helping to collect additional money under a Christmas Tree near Bentalls with bells!!

Water Station

On the 19th February we will have a Crew Team manning an official water station at the dockside en-route for all the Palaces Half Marathon runners. (Volunteers – please speak to Skipper, Peter Oldham).

If you can fundraise for us in 2017 we would be delighted.  Please get in contact with

Save your used postage stamps

Christmas is the time of year when many of us receive extra post.

Save your used postage stamps for us.  Encourage your friends, family, groups and work colleagues.  This is a new fundraising initiative to raise additional funds for the River Thames Boat Project.

As a proud charity with a carbon neutral status.  We are proud to be recycling, reusing and re-purposing!!

Click here for full details

Phil the boat scheme closes after 5 years

We are closing our Phil the boat clothes recycling fundraising scheme. You have donated tonnes of clothes and we have received hundreds of pounds in return which have gone to support the work of the charity.

With a fall in the quantity of clothes we are receiving and a fall in the price we receive, we are closing this fundraiser but fear not we’ll be back with other fundraising campaigns in the new year – Watch this space !!

If you have any clothes you’d like to donate we are receiving clothes up until 6th January – please contact the office to arrange a drop off or collection.

May we take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has made a donation to this fund-raiser. After the last collection we’ll let you know how much you recycled and a grand total.

Thank you.


Baroness Campbell of Surbiton has been appointed Patron of the charity, the River Thames Boat Project. The charity owns and operates Thames Venturer, a community barge, offering educational, therapeutic and recreational cruises and activities for the young, for older people; and people of all ages with a disability or mental health condition.

Speaking on her appointment, Baroness Campbell said “I am thrilled to have been invited to become Patron of the River Thames Boat Project. All my life I have campaigned for disabled people to enjoy the same social activities as every other member of society. There are few boats, whether they be sailing boats, motorboats or canal boats, that are fully accessible to disabled people, even in 2016 when we have disability legislation supporting full inclusion. I am therefore particularly interested in supporting this Charity that allows disabled people to enjoy the wonders of the Thames River from afloat.

“I took a canal boat holiday in my early twenties. It was the very first accessible construction – lifts, accommodation and a seat both at the front and the back. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. Fast forward to 2016 and I believe there are still only a handful of canal boats with these facilities. I have no doubt that the River Thames Boat Project helps fill a huge gap in the market. I am thrilled to endorse this Project.”

Commenting on the new appointment, the charity’s Chair, Louise Sibley said: “We are delighted and honoured that Baroness Campbell has agreed to become a Patron. Her networks and support will help to raise awareness of our accessibility to the waterways and our important work.”

The River Thames Boat Project makes the River Thames accessible to older people, people of any age with disabilities, ex-servicemen, care homes, day centres, people with mental health issues, eco-groups, youth groups, schools, community groups, Beavers and private group hire. David Suchet is also a Patron of the charity.

The charity is taking delivery of a second boat in May 2017 and then refurbishing the existing boat. It is searching for local companies and groups to support these future developments and its regular activities.

If you can support financially with fundraising, please get in touch with the Marketing and Fundraising Executive at