Financial Results

Fees and charges income recorded in 2012-13 included £7,600.50 received in advance for 2013-14 bookings. As a result of this posting, against our usual practice, income from fees and charges does not fully reflect the increase in the number of cruises.  We generated a deficit before gains and losses of £661 and a surplus of £339 after gains and losses, due to the revaluation of Thames Venturer.  With advice, and in view of this small surplus and the relatively small size of the book error, the directors decided against restating the income from the prior year.

You can view the Statement of Financial Activities, Balance Sheet and Notes to the Accounts by clicking on RTBP Accounts 2013-14 or you can download the document by right clicking here and clicking ‘save as’.

Policy on Reserves

It is the policy of the Directors to maintain an adequate working balance to meet the cost of salaries, routine winter maintenance and other expenses during the winter months due to the seasonal nature of the charity’s work. We were able to meet these requirements comfortably in October and will keep this under review.

Financial Audit

With incoming resources of £149,902, the company can claim exemption from audit under the special provisions of Section 477(2) of the Companies Act 2006. The statements required to be made by the Directors in such circumstances are attached to the Balance Sheet. Jon Blythe, a registered chartered accountant, has conducted an independent examination of the accounts and a copy of his Report is attached to the accounts.


Directors’ Report – Legal, Administrative and General Information

Directors’ Report – Review of the Year

Public Benefit Statement


Donors and Benefactors

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