Donors and Benefactors 2017-18

Our work is made possible only by the generosity of the charity’s numerous supporters. The Directors would like to thank all the many individual and corporate donors, charitable trusts, companies and other organisations that have contributed through donations, grants and gifts in kind. The list of all those who have given so generously, including all the Friends of the River Thames Boat Project, is too long to be fully given. We would particularly like to mention the following:

Abbeyfield – Lee House
Barry Adams
Dianne Adams
Al Jazy Shipping
Kate Allen
Sheila Anton
Adenike Balogun
Amy Barker
Paul Barry
Daphne Beauchamp
David Bell
Susan Bigmore
Lady Josephine Bonfield
John Bowen
Paul Boyd
Daniel Breston
Alison Brown
Maureen Burnett
Pippa Butterfield
Val and Mike Butterfield
Paul Bywaters
Care UK
John Cannon
C.H. Dixon Charitable Trust
Jonathan Chapman
Ian Chappell
Teresa Chavez
The Childwick Trust
Michael Cooper
Judy Cope
Edward Corbett
Penny Cowell
Peter Cowell
Peter Crabb
Ian Cutter
Bruce Cryer
JH Dannett
Bob Darke
Patricia Davenport
Giles Dimock
Rosemary Doidge
Patrick Doyle
Diana Duncan
Dutch Barge Association
The Dyers Co Charitable Trust
Hazel Eastwood
Paul Edelin
Sarah Edmonds
Peter Eggleton
Duncan Faircloth
Peter Finch
Leigh Fincke
First Choice Holidays
FiSH Neighbourhood Care Scheme
Fothergill and Company Ltd
John Frye
Anthony Gallant
Bamber Gascoigne
Kristina Gibbins
Ivor Gibson
Giveacar Ltd
Wolfgang Gorth
Roger Goodier
Michael L. Goodman
Adrian Gray
Jennifer Greenwood
The Gosling Foundation
D Lynn Hamilton
Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity
Elizabeth Hann
Lady Margaret Harrop
Sir Peter Harrop
Heathrow Community Fund
Sarah Herrick
Hermitage River Projects
Chris and Celia Hodges
Francesca Hooker
Susannah Hughes
Jacqui and John Humphreys
Anthony Hutchinson
Gina Ingram
Miranda Jaggers
Jane and Jim Jewell
Kay Williams Charitable Foundation
Kaye Pemberton Charitable Trust
John Kennett
Kingston Half Marathon
Keith Knox
Catharine Langrish
Jessica Latter
Lest We Forget Association
Flicky Low
Peter Low
M.R. Ludlow
John Maguire
Katy Makepeace-Gray
Rob Martin
Michael McEvoy
Eric McMaster
Rory McMorrow
Sue and Ian McNuff
Mike Mendelson
Clive Mitchell
Wendy Moss
Mountbatten Cards
Adeola Muir
Willie Munday
Jane Newman
NHP Leisure Developments
Kate Oatham
Romany O’Donnell
Peter Oldham
Ian Oliver
John Ormsby
Sir Edward and Lady Osmotherly
John Palmer
Judith Paterson
Pavilion Health Club
Anne Pavry
A.B. Peck
Dr Christine Pickard
Derek Plummer
Alan Powell
Mark Prest
H. Richard Quinn
Richmond Parish Lands Charity
Richmond Running Festival
Diana Roberts
George Robins
Rotary Club of Teddington and the Hamptons
Rotary Club of Twickenham / District 1145
Elaine Russell
Nancy Safford
Elaine Samuels
Ann Sayer
Caroline and Robert Scallon
Louise Sibley
Alexandra Simms
Noel Simmons
Alexandra Simms
Carolyn Smith
Starbucks Cheers for Good
Warren Stein
Emma Stuart
Karin Sumption
Surbiton Farmers Market
Taggs Island Limited
John Tamsitt
Carol Taylor
Mr and Mrs Thirkell-White
Gillian Thorpe
Bill Timmis
Martha Tressler
Linda Turner
Linda Varney
Veolia Environmental Trust
Vivian Walker
The Walton Charity
Mary Weber
Rosamund Webster
Anthea Wilkinson
Hugh Williams
Tim Williams
John Wood
Marilyn Wood
Sally and Tony Woodward
Patricia Worth
Peter Worth
Gill Wren
Bill Wright
Janet Wright
Angus Young

Directors’ Report – Legal, Administrative and General Information

Directors’ Report – Review of the Year

Public Benefit Statement

Financial Results


Donors and Benefactors


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