River Blessing in Teddington

We felt very honoured to take part in a special River Blessing service on Sunday 14th July. The Rev Joe Moffatt invited us to speak about the work that we do in the community during the service at St Mary with St Alban church  and then Thames Discoverer with Peter at the helm, was on the water for the 2nd part of the service by the river. It was a wonderful celebration of the river and how the river blesses us.  The Rev Joe Moffatt launched a wooden floral cross into the river and spoke very positively about the River Thames Boat Project as well as other local community organisations including the RNLI, and Tamesis Club.

Kate Oatham and a group that she is supporting with English language s190714_103556kills from  Kingston Refugee Action were onboard Thames Discoverer.  They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to be on the river and take part in a local community event.

The church choir sang beautifully and there was a Dragon Boat race with enthusiastic local Scouts and Guides teams.


Thank you to Rev Joe for including us in this special service.


Thank you to John Frye for the photos that record our memories of a lovely July morning down by the river.