Kingston’s Virtual School – Water Testing

hermitage colour chart

Children from Kingston’s ‘Virtual School’, who participated in the Freshwater Watch citizen science programme on board Venturer in July were shocked at learning about average water usage in the UK the average daily amount used by one person is 180 litres.

In their water testing, they found, heightened levels of Nitrates in the Hogsmill a tributary to the Thames at Kingston (see photo).  This was possibly due to recent heavy rainfall but also attributed to use of nitrates on lawns, gardens, golf courses and bowling greens in the area.

Excess levels of nitrates in water can create conditions that make it difficult for aquatic insects or fish to survive.

What is a Virtual School?
The Surrey Virtual School (SVS) is not a teaching institution but a way of bringing together the information about children and young people who are cared for by Surrey local authority as if they were in a single school.  That way, their progress can be closely tracked and supported, and interventions can be targeted in a more strategic way.  More info click HERE

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