Day and Evening Cruises


We still have space left for you to book your bespoke therapeutic day or evening cruise for 12 people.  Excellent for non-profit groups that contain some or all people with medical or mental health issues, elderly, disabled or others requiring bespoke use of the boat with a caring volunteer crew.

Our mission is to give people opportunities of experiencing river and waterways environments to the benefit of their personal, social and educational development.  We focus especially on children, young people, older people and those with disabilities, including disabled ex-service personnel, from London and the South East.

June-September:  day £355 and evening sunset cruise £185.

October: day £255

We have been providing cruises and educational activities on the Thames between Windsor and Pool of London for over 25 years and our therapeutic cruises are highly valued by clients, their families, carers and clinicians. In 2016/17 we worked with 3,000 people, 15% of whom were from the Royal Borough of Kingston, 1,000 were people with physical disabilities and/or learning disabilities or mental health issues and their carers (family members, volunteers and staff carers).  We receive a high level of repeat bookings and frequent positive feedback.


“Our residents had a wonderful day, they really enjoyed and were uplifted with their trip. A big thank you to all who were involved thoroughly enjoyed.” Care home for disabled ex-servicemen and women. 

“It is the first time I have done something this fun and enjoyed myself as much since I was diagnosed with leukaemia. I enjoyed meeting new friends and other people who have cancer too, it made me feel normal.” Teenager with cancer (residential cruise from Kingston to Windsor)

“A cruise on Thames Venturer is always interesting, it makes my mind work more and helps me sleep better.  The volunteers are excellent and cruises are wonderful.”  An active 92 year old widow, who is a regular client on Linking People Afloat our cruises for people who are not a member of a support group.

If you are an individual rather than a group, we do have a couple of dates that you can join a Linking People Afloat cruise.

Enquiries: 020 8940 3509