Education Event Success in Ealing

The River Thames Boat Project attended the Ealing SEND event on Friday 23rd February to promote our cruises and education programs.

As the only boat operator there we generated some interest which we hope to convert to bookings.   Wheelchair users were also delighted to find out that our boat is wheelchair accessible.

Education Coordinator, Zaria Greenhill (pictured below) showing a visitor some of our educational resources.

On the display board you will notice colourful examples of our ‘touch and feel recyclable boards’.  These have different materials both recyclable and non recyclable for clients to ‘touch and feel’.  This encourages conversation and understanding about how long things take to degrade, wildlife and why we should recycle.  The boards have: bubble wrap, plastics, bottle tops, metals, wood, paper, sweet wrappers, crisp bags, cling film and corrugated cardboard etc.

Monday 27th February Teachers Twilight Open Afternoon, 3pm-6pm, Kingston on board the Thames Venturer.  Free entry, look at our resources, talk to our education people and have a tea, coffee or glass of wine.  No need to book, just turn up.