Teachers Twilight Event – 27th February

Teachers’ Twilight Open Afternoon will be held on board Thames Venturer, in Kingston by the River Thames Boat Project a registered charity. 

Teachers, youth group organisers and education advisors are invited to come onboard to see the educational equipment and to find out about the ‘School on the River’ programs, whilst enjoying a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink.   Monday 27th February, 3pm-6pm, at The Barge Dock, Down Hall Road, Kingston, KT1 1PS near Canbury Gardens.   

In 2016, over 1500 children, from schools and youth groups, came on board to learn, experience, see, smell and feel the river environment and look in more depth at what rivers mean to our city and our culture.  

Zaria Greenhill, Education Coordinator said, “The 1st February 2017, saw Year 3 from Alton School, Wandsworth brave the rain and take part in our schools’ activities.   They learnt about, water quality, how the region’s rocks and soils created the river over time, and how human ingenuity has tamed the Thames to make it navigable all year round.  We offer a varied program of day-long school workshops, evening and weekend youth group sessions.  Any schools or youth groups should contact us now, as spaces are running out fast.” 

Enquiries and to express interest to  zaria@thamesboatproject.org www.thamesboatproject.org


Event details HERE

The Thames Venturer, a converted Dutch barge built in 1908 and now in use as a floating classroom and community boat.