River Thames Boat Project Announces Plans for a Second Boat

The River Thames Boat Project is to commission a second boat in order to expand its work on the Thames and adjoining waterways.

We have been involving people with the River Thames for more than 25 years by providing cruises, river-based activities and environmental education and we have enjoyed steady growth in our services and our clientele – the young, older people and those living with disability. With the growing demand for outdoor learning and activities for this sector, we now aim to introduce a custom-designed and built vessel to develop our work.

“As a community boat charity, we provide a wider range of activities than most and the charity has a reputation for building specialised and innovative programmes for our clients,’ said Louise Sibley, Chair of Trustees.

“From ‘School on the River’ and ‘EcoVenturers’ – launched this year – to ‘Linking People Afloat’ our activities meet some of society’s most pressing needs – helping vulnerable communities connect and educating people about sustainability and the environment. Thanks to some generous donations we have received towards our future plans, we are grasping the opportunity to build on all the great lessons we have learned with a specially designed and constructed boat.”

The new boat is being designed by naval architect Graham Westbrook. The concept is for a boat that combines modern standards of accessibility, energy conservation, environmental sustainability and ease of operation with a classic, timeless design.  A further aim is to extend the charity’s geographic reach, explore new waterways and help clients and volunteers participate in a whole range of eco-themed and skill-building activities.

“We are very proud of our carbon neutral status as a charity,” said Miranda Jaggers who is taking on the role of project manager. “We intend our new boat to provide an education in sustainable living as well as delivering our core offering – an experience of the river for all to remember and to treasure.”

With this announcement we are also launching a major fundraising campaign in support of our plans for the future – to build the funds we need for the new boat, for the development of Thames Venturer as an educational resource, for new shore facilities and for research into and piloting of new river-based programmes. To donate, please click here.

For further information contact:
Louise Sibley: 07985 900 808; email chair@thamesboatproject.org
Miranda Jaggers: 020 8940 3509; email info@thamesboatproject.org