One day on the Thames Venturer…

I’m William CARBONARO, a French student, and I’m doing 3 weeks work experience in England. Since the 22nd of June 2015 I have been working in The River Thames Boat Project office. When I started this job, one of the things that I really wanted to do was to have a trip on the Thames Venturer (the company’s boat).

On the 25th I had this opportunity! I spent all day on the boat as a crew member. Our trip started at Kingston in the direction of Walton. Along the river we saw some beautiful landscapes, with typical houses and bungalows.

On this day, some customers were disabled people. I think that it was really interesting to work with them and to make them enjoy their trip even if it was a challenge because it was a bit unusual for me.

My task was interesting: I had to welcome the customers, take care of them and help the skipper to dock. I also had the chance to steer the boat, on the river (naturally) and in a lock for quite a long time. I really enjoyed this unique moment!

This day was definitely a very good one. I discovered many different landscapes, I talked with many people and I enjoyed the river rhythm. I definitely recommend this trip which is relaxing and revitalising.

William Carbonaro