Technical News

Some very interesting new technology will be arriving on the Venturer which will improve the experience of our clients.  Thanks to the generous sponsorship of The Hedley Foundation, we will be buying six tablets and a wireless 4G router.  There are a number of uses for the tablets.  We will go paperless for cruise log sheets and client feedback and be able to upload the information directly to the office.  Clients will have access to the tablets while on the boat to take pictures or research information about the river and what they are seeing.  We will be able to offer them as a communications tool for clients with speaking or hearing issues – some clients already bring devices on board for those who communicate through the use of a keyboard.   And they will also be useful in the education programmes.

In addition to the tablets we also now have FishCam. This is an underwater video camera on a pole which we can use to show what is happening under the surface of the river.  The images are fed directly by a cable to the laptop on board.  This was acquired initially for the education programmes but also has the potential to be used for client groups when the boat stops at lunchtime.  Some might wonder whether the Thames is too murky for much to be visible, but be assured that on a good day there will be plenty of fish to be seen!

(Reproduced from the Friends Spring 2015 newsletter)